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4 Important Services Offered By A CNC Lathe Machine Shop

by Alfredo Harper

Accurately producing highly complex parts is an intricate process requiring specialized technology and skill. CNC lathe machine shops are great resources for companies in need of machining services that require precision and accuracy. For instance, industries needing parts for aerospace, automotive, and medical applications turn to CNC lathe machine shops due to their experience and ability to produce components with exact requirements. Here are four essential services a CNC lathe machine shop offers that can help you complete your manufacturing projects.

Thread and Forming

A CNC lathe machine shop can produce components with threads, grooves, and other intricate shapes to meet your specifications. This includes forming threads on components' inside and outside surfaces and creating grooves or other shapes that can range from simple to complex. The professionals can also cut special shapes, such as O-rings, to meet your exact requirements.

Turning and Boring

Most CNC lathe machine shops specialize in turning and boring, which involves cutting metal components to the desired shape. Machinists can perform turning and boring operations, such as facing, drilling, milling, and reaming. The process allows them to create parts with greater accuracy and precision. If your company needs components with highly specialized shapes and tolerances, a CNC lathe machine shop can accommodate your requirements.

Assembly and Testing

After machining parts to the required specifications, some CNC lathe machine shops offer assembly and testing services. The services include using various tools to assemble components into a finished product and putting them through a series of tests to ensure the accuracy and quality of the components. The service can also include designing special fixtures for testing the components and providing documentation of the tests.

Finishing and Coating

Modern CNC lathe machine shops can provide finishing like plating, anodizing, powder coating, and polishing. Finishing services can protect components from corrosion, improve their aesthetic appeal, and add strength to the component structure. In addition, some CNC lathe machine shops offer coating services, such as paint spraying, lacquering, and galvanizing. Coating can help reduce setting time and improve the appearance of components. The professionals know how to apply the right coating for the job and can provide detailed documentation of their processes.

These are just a few of the services offered by a CNC lathe machine shop. Working with experienced professionals can help you meet your deadlines and produce components in accordance with your unique specifications and requirements. When looking for a CNC lathe machine shop, ensure you choose one with the right resources and experience to fulfill all your machining needs.

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