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Keys To Purchasing Quality Viral Transport Media

by Alfredo Harper

If you need to transport viral samples to a lab for testing purposes, one of the best resources you could rely on is viral transport media. It gives you a safe and compliant way to transport viral samples to various locations. As long as you buy said media using these precautions, you can be happy with this investment and know it's going to work out great. 

Choose a Long-Lasting Synthetic Plastic

If you want to keep using the same viral transport media to save money and remain efficient with the way these resources are used, then try to find a variety that features long-lasting synthetic plastic. You can then trust how this media will hold up to shipping and handling procedures that are required before the transport media ultimately ends up at target destinations. 

A premium plastic grade like polycarbonate or high-density polyethylene would be great plastic choices to make with this transport media. Then you can work with it without worrying as much about damage possibly taking place.

Make Sure Labels Have Strong Adhesive Backings

An important aspect of viral transport media are the labels that come on them. You'll use them to identify key information, which helps once your viral samples make it to a lab for further testing. Make sure these labels come with strong adhesive backings because this will help the labels stay put better.

Regardless of how the viral transport media is handled throughout shipping, you can trust the labels will remain on each media resource and thus help your testing operations at a lab remain organized the entire time. 

Look For Multiple Swabs

In order to get the most value out of viral transport media, you should look for a variety that includes multiple swabs with each transport media unit. Then if something happens to one of the swabs, such as it gets lost or damaged, there will be a replacement ready to go, and that saves you from having to replace it yourself.

Just look to see how many swabs come with this media and then you can purchase accordingly. You'll have a little more security just in case something happens to one of the swabs in these viral transport media kits.

Transporting viral samples has never been easier or safer to do today thanks to viral transport media. As long as you're responsible with the media you invest in, you won't have any issues with how these resources work out. 

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