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Why It's Worth It To Replace Your Handrails

by Alfredo Harper

If you are responsible for the stairs and handrails at your home or your commercial or industrial business, it might be time for you to look for new handrails. In many cases, it is worth it to replace your old handrails for these reasons and more.

Make Sure Your Handrails Are Up to Code

First of all, there are building codes that relate to handrails for homes, commercial properties, and industrial properties. These building codes do sometimes change, so even if your handrails were in line with local building codes when they were first installed, this might not be the case now. You can make sure that you abide by building codes and ADA requirements if you replace your handrails. If you aren't sure of whether or not you are compliant — or what type of handrails you should install so you can be in compliance — you can contact a building code inspector in your area. Someone who installs handrails in your area should be aware of these requirements and codes, too.

Improve the Look of Your Stairs

If your handrails are old and worn out, then the look of your stairs might be negatively impacted. You can improve the look of your stairs — and your entire building — by replacing your handrails with new, nice-looking railings. You can specifically look for attractive railings that match your decor.

Make Your Stairs Safer to Use

Of course, the whole reason why handrails are installed in the first place is so they make it safer and easier for someone to walk up and down the stairs. If your existing handrails aren't strong and durable enough, then you should definitely replace them for safety purposes. If you don't have handrails at all, you should definitely install them soon so that everyone who uses the stairs can do so in the safest manner.

Cut Down on Maintenance

Lastly, if you replace your old handrails with new ones, you can actually cut down on future maintenance for yourself. For example, if you currently have wood handrails, you might be used to having to stain or paint them regularly, and you might always have to inspect them for rot or insect-related damage. However, if you replace them with metal handrails or some other type of handrails that are easier to maintain and care for, you can make things a little bit easier for yourself in the future.

Reach out to a professional who can help you with your outdoor step handrail needs.