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Three Types Of Military Shelters, And How You Can Personally Use Each Of Them

by Alfredo Harper

The military is responsible for creating a number of unique military shelter options over the last one hundred years. In fact, a lot of civilians have purchased these different shelters for their own use. If you are interested in what types of military shelters are available and how you can use them, check out the following.

Bomb Shelters

Bomb shelters will not ward off nuclear bombs, but they will protect you when other military bombs are dropped. When bomb shelters are well-stocked, they can also be a place of refuge for weeks. If your marriage is breaking up, one of you could stay in the house while the other stays in the bomb shelter. They are durable enough to withstand most attacks, including rifle, heat-seeking missile, and verbal attacks.

Quonset Huts

Quonset huts were inspired by Native American longhouses. In the military, corrugated steel formulated the half-circle walls of the hut, and there are/were tarps drawn over the tops of the huts to create roofs. They were incredibly hot and uncomfortable to sleep in in summer and hot climates, and extremely cold in the colder months. However, Quonset huts did provide very cheap and affordable shelter for the soldiers, and their unusual construction did shield them from view when enemy planes flew overhead.

If you want to invest in a Quonset hut, they make an okay shelter for times when you have a lot of family members visiting. A few modifications can also make them very comfortable to sleep in all year round. Just add a generator, a heater for colder months, and a portable air conditioner for hotter months. If you do not want your Quonset hut to shelter people, these huts make excellent greenhouses.


A lot of soldiers serving overseas stay in tents. The tents are made from camouflaged fabric, and are easy to set up and easier to take down. There are even some inflatable tent shelters, which are nice from the standpoint that the floor becomes an air mattress for anyone sleeping inside. The tents pack up quickly, if you need to stay on the move. Most of the components of the tent fit into a small bag that you can easily carry on your back. Choose from army green, navy blue, or desert sands camouflage. For added fun, buy one tent in each the camouflage colored patterns so that you can always blend your shelter into the surrounding territory.