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3 Primary Fabrication Stages For Chrome Plating

by Alfredo Harper

If you are in the process of constructing a large building, there is a good chance that you are going to need some chrome plating for your structure. Chrome plating is used in the construction of large buildings due to how much weight they can hold. The steel fabrication process to create chrome plating involves three major steps:

#1 Cutting

The first stage is the cutting stage. In the cutting stage, the metal is cut into different shapes. These shapes are based on what the metal is going to be used for.  Many metals are not easy to cut. It needs to be cut using high temperatures. Metal is often cut using either a blowtorch or a laser. Both of these tools produce a lot of heat and have to be used with extreme care to ensure that nothing in the surrounding area is cut or damaged while the steel is being cut.

#2 Bending

The second primary stage is the bending or shaping stage. The bending stage is when metal machines are used to bend the metal into specific shapes. These machines use automatic hammers and are controlled with press brakes. A person operates these machines, inputting the information and ensuring that the metal is bent to the proper shape for the finished product. Bending machines with press breaks help reduce the number of mistakes that are made in the bending process. Metal can also be bend by-hand using hammers, but there is a greater risk of damage to the metal when it is formed by hand.

#3 Assembled

Beams are usually not made to their full length in the first two stages of the process. During the assembly page, the different parts of the metal are put joined together. Welding techniques are the most common way of putting different pieces of metal together.

An adhesive material can also be used to put the different metal parts together. Once the plating is assembled, it is put through strength tests to make sure that the weld or adhesive is strong and that the plating will not collapse when subjected to maximum weight.

The fabrication process for creating custom chrome plating requires cutting raw material, bending the material into the desired shape, and then assembling the different sections of the material together. If you need custom chrome plating made for your business, remember that it takes time to complete all three of these steps.