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Having Issues With Low Water Pressure And No Water With Your Well? What To Do

by Alfredo Harper

Living in a house that has a well and propane tank, instead of city utility lines, can require maintenance and repairs that you don't know a lot about. If your water isn't coming through the well with good pressure, or it isn't coming through at all, you want to call a specialist that works on wells. There are a lot of things that could be causing these concerns with your well, and you'll want to talk with the well experts about the following issues and concerns.

Well Pump Inspection

You want to have the well pump inspected to make sure that it's pumping the water properly, and that the well pump hasn't stopped working. The well repair and maintenance professionals can come to your property and use cameras that travel through the pipes into the well system, to see if there are flaws or what is going on. The pump may need to be replaced to pump the water through the plumbing properly.

Plumbing Flush

Sediment from the water can start to clog the pipes over time, and this can cause build-up and corrosion. Have a plumbing professional do these things:

  • Flush the pipes
  • Look for corrosion and galvanization
  • Repair or replace damaged pipes

These are just a few of the problems that you could have because of the hard minerals in the water system, so have the pipes flushed and cleaned if you haven't done it since you moved into the house.

Dry Well

If the well is dry there may not be much you can do until the rain picks up, or unless you want to talk about digging a new well. If this is a continual problem you may need a new well, or the well may need to be moved to a different location throughout your property.

There are a lot of issues that can cause wells to go dry, or for the pump to not work, if you live in a home where there is no connection to the local water system. If you are noticing these problems with your well, you want to call the professionals before you cause damage to the well or to other appliances and items that rely on the well system. You can get an estimate for the repairs that are needed, and the cost to dig a new well or to replace the current well system that you're using. Contact a company, like David Cannon Well Drilling, for more help.